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fslashexchange's Journal

A Football Slash Exchange Community
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Welcome to The Community

The purpose of this community is to allow Football Slash writers, fanartists, and fanmix-makers to exchange fics or art or fanmixes and receive them as gifts. This process will be done on a monthly basis and will be moderated by myself, tempered_rose, who will act as the leading moderator for this community.

To Join: Please read all the information below and then proceed as directed.

Community Code of Conduct

These rules are made to protect all of the members of the community.

1. Flaming, bashing, trolling, bullying, etc. will not be tolerated and will earn you a community ban.

2. Stories/Fanmixes/Fanart that will be posted here will not be copied without explicit permission from the creator. Using the material without permission is plagiarism and it will not be tolerated. You will be banned.

3. Warnings must be on fics/fanart/fanmixes, if the warnings apply. This means that if the content of a fic may trigger some people, then put a warning on there. Better safe than sorry. It is preferred to have more warnings than necessary rather than have none at all.

4. Have respect for one another. I know football rivalries can be quite intense, but let's leave the wank elsewhere, ok? This community is to exchange creative works, not cause drama.

5. All work must be original by the creators. And obviously it must be related to football, specifically football slash. All pairings/ratings/kinks/genres/teams/leagues/etc. are allowed to be requested.

**Violators of any of the above Community Conduct rules will be punished accordingly.**

Submission Rules

These can be found on the Submission Instructions Post, or by category below.


Please follow all rules when submitting your gifts.

Contact Information

I can be reached on my journal via PM to tempered_rose or by the community email, footballslashexchange [at] hotmail [dot] com .