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Round 13

The round is done now but I'm still working on your icons! I'll have them all done by the week and pm you when they're all done :) Thank you everyone who participated and I do appreciate your efforts and patience, especially this month :)

The reveal is:

For shana0809, In the Lake As Deep As The Ocean was written by arisu_wa_doko.

For elf_md, Lines Beneath Your Skin was written by secondshame.

For tempered_rose, Puppy was written by elf_md.

For secondshame, Who's Fooling Whom? was written by zimena.

For zimena, Warm Welcome was written by shana0809.

For arisu_wa_doko, Further to Fall was written by tempered_rose.

Fic for Secondshame

Title: Who's fooling whom?
Pairing/characters: Gerard Piqué/Cesc Fàbregas, some mentions of Sergio Ramos and Iker Casillas
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 1577

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Fic for tempered_rose

Title: Puppy
Characters/Pairing: Jonjo Shelvey/Martin Kelly
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Bordering on fluff.
Disclaimer: Not true.
Word Count: About 1100.
Author's Note:
- Even when Skrtel isn’t properly in the story, Kelly is Kelly and not Martin.
- I tried writing “Daniel”. Jonjo would think of him as Agger though.

Jonjo had not expected his biggest problem when he transferred to Swansea to be Kelly.Collapse )

Fic for elf_md

Title: lines beneath your skin
Pairing: Daniel Agger/Simon Kjaer
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not real
Word Count: ~1,000

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Fic for Shana0809

Title: In The Lake As Deep As The Ocean
Characters/Pairing: Pep Guardiola/Bojan Krkic
Rating: T
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Author's Note: *Cold sweat* I'm sorry if it's OOC, I don't know
the characters well.

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Don't forget everyone that due to the extension, your gifts are due by 10pm PST on this coming Sunday!

Let me know if you aren't going to make it :)

Round 13 Extension!!!

Due to circumstances in my personal life, the whole round has been extended by 2 weeks! That means that your gifts will now be due on August 11th at 10pm PST and will be exchanged on August 12th. Enjoy your extra days of work!

Sorry to those of you that were trying to get them done early. I really am :(
Time for a new round guys! :D This month there will be an optional theme, you can participate if you like, if you don't want to that's cool as well. Also the timeline's a bit tight this round because I'm having to plan it around days I have off because that's the only time I really have to work on this so…that's why the schedule's a bit weird this time.

Don't forget about the membership drive!!! For everyone that signs up to participate I will make a set of five icons of your choice. For every gift/fic/mix I receive on time, I will make an additional 10 icons for you! Tell your friends!!!


The theme this month is all about internationals. Pairings should be international related, so that means anything from previous or upcoming competitions or qualifiers is fair game. Should you decide to participate you're allowed to pick any two (or more!!! \0/) players from the same country. If you want to mix and match countries that's cool too, just make sure it focuses on the country rather than the club angle this time. :)

How to Sign-Up:

1. Make sure you have read the profile and The Membership Post.

2. After you’ve commented, I will look it over and I will then send you a community invitation. Accept the invitation and you’re part of the exchange.

3. Don’t join unless you’re going to be able to participate. The dates for this round are:

This is the current round's timeline.

Sign-Ups: July 1st - July 8th
Assignments: July 9th

Due Dates: July 28th at 10PM PST

Exchanged: July 29th
Reveal and Completion Poll: July 29th

The new round will begin on July 30th.

4. It’s not required to give a gift in order to receive one, but it is very much encouraged.

5. Leave a comment below filling out the form. Comments are screened.

Good luck! If you have any questions please let me know via PM. I’ll answer you as soon as possible. :)

- Sarah, tempered_rose

Please pimp the community out to your journals/tumblrs/twitters. Particpation is key and honestly, the more the merrier.


With the new round starting on July 1st, I will be giving you a membership drive incentive... >:D

For everyone that sign's up, I will make a set of five icons of your choice. For every gift/fic/mix I receive on time, I will make an additional 10 icons for you. That's FIFTEEN freebie icons! What more could you want????

Also...do we want a theme this round? I was thinking something for the internationals.... Please comment and open a discussion on the issue :)

Thanks for your time y'all. I look forward to making your icons! :D

Round 12: Reveal!

Thanks for being patient with me everyone. Work hours a little hard for arranging these things but here's the reveal for all the fics we had and we had some really great ones this time especially! :D


And if I chase after... written for arisu_wa_doko by avecesmequiso
Home written for avecesmequiso by arisu_wa_doko
Heart Problems (and other problems) written for just_jenni by zimena
Pain written for zimena by just_jenni
Finding The Right Gift written for chelsealady by tempered_rose

Thanks for participating everyone, I look forward to seeing you guys next month for Round 13! :D \0/


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The Schedule

This is the current round's timeline.

Sign-Ups: October 3 - 12th
Assignments: October 13th

Due Dates: October 28th at 10PM PST

Exchanged: October 29th
Reveal and Completion Poll: October 30th

The new round will begin on November 1st.


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